Cauldron Resin Incense Kits

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The perfect kit for burning your herbs and resin incense! Choose between gold and silver accessories and between white sage resin or frankincense!

This kit features everything you need to get started:


  • Small bag of sand- place this at the bottom of your heat proof dish or cast iron cauldron to protect it while burning.
  • Mini tongs(choose between gold and silver)- use these to hold your charcoal tab while you light it and place onto if the sand in your heat proof dish/cauldron
  • Two charcoal disks- light one charcoal disk and place in sand.
  • Leaf handle spoon(choose between gold and silver)- use this spoon to place your resin incense and/or herbs on-top of the charcoal disk
  • Goloka White Sage or Frankincense Resin Incense- a gorgeously scented resin incense, place a few beads of resin on-top of your kit charcoal disk and enjoy.


  • A 4 Luv Designs original design

all arriving in a luxurious black velvet back for easy storage.