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4 Luv Designs

The Ghost Handmade Pet Bed

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A black fabric with adorable white ghosts and stuffed with grade A stuffing. Total comfort for your pet!


1. The size measures on average 17in in diameter and will fit most if not all cats. Dogs up to around 18in from nose to tail. If you need a different size, style or fabric please go to the design your pet bed section.

2. These are stuffed with grade A toy stuffing.

3.Beds take on average three weeks (or less)to make. They are then packaged and sent straight to your door, please note this does vary depending on how many orders I receive and where you are located. You will receive email notification when it is shipped out.

4. You have one month after your purchase for any repairs (FREE) as they are handmade and pets love to dig in their comfy beds, it is totally possible to tear a seam (but unlikely) after the one month there is a small repair fee if you need anything done.

5. Pet beds are NOT intended to be machine washable.


Please note pet beds arrive vacuum sealed in order to save on shipping costs to you, this will cause the fabric to wrinkle as it is cotton. Simply open the bag and remove the bed, fluff it till happy.

Any other questions please feel free to contact us!